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About Dominika

The girl who keeps finding herself.


I found my way onto the yoga mat in my mid 20s - mother of 2 little girls, living life as it was, Until the day I took my first yoga class. Suddenly there was this space for me - the mat. This time where all I did was breathe, move my body from and to different positions and relax. This time, I could simply be.


I am here to create spaces for you to enter and find, restore and maintain, your well-being!

I started my yoga journey with a strong Sivananda Yoga practice and I am a lover and teacher of Hatha Yoga to this day, calling the sun salutations and 12 basic postures my home.

At first it was the physical practice I needed, to find the connection to my body after years of not really noticing and paying attention to this body of mine. It felt amazing to build strength and flexibility and see into what and how my body can be shaped.


Also I was a big fan of Savasana, right from the start! As a mother of 2 little ones, a husband who traveled frequently and living far from my family, I cherished those undisturbed minutes of relaxation, yes, often fell asleep, and was lucky to have a teacher who never cut it short!

In 2011 I decided to take the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training. An intense training of 4 weeks, living at the Ashram, doing the practices, learning the why behind the how and deepening my personal practice with baby-steps towards how to take the yoga off the mat. This should become my biggest challenge in the years to come AND my big vision: To take your time on the mat, this time to simply be and whenever the time is right to also take the yoga off the mat and start integrating all those wonderful tools into daily life. And the balancing act never stops, it is an ongoing journey and constantly changing.


"I would recommend Dominika’s empowerment sessions to anyone who wants to discover and integrate easy and short practices in daily life to feel better, have more energy and more balance, in body and mind.  Also to people who feel disconnected from their body. This kind of path is a great way to regain connection with your body in a gentle and easy step by step way."

“So be sure when you step. Step with care and great tact. And remember that life is a great balancing act."


The ultimate way of supporting and restoring my well-being was and is, a wonderful relaxing massage. I was lucky to learn the traditional indian baby massage when my first girl was born and I massaged both my girls until way past being babies. For years I carried this thought of wanting to learn massage techniques. In the spring of 2022 I finally took the step and tried a basic massage course, to finally find out that I not only love to receive a massage but also enjoy giving one.

What worked well once, worked well a second time. I finished my classic massage therapist training in the summer of 2022 and enjoy working and offering this amazing tool for you.

Certification & Trainings

Massage classique, Ecole TCMA, Geneva Switzerland

Massage classique, Bio-Medica, Basel Switzerland

Sequencing with purpose, Kale&Cake, München Germany

Breath Coach TeacherTraining, Yoga Teachers College, online

Yoga of the Heart Therapy Training, Sivananda Center, Kitzbühel Austria

Yoga as medicine Teacher Training, Sivananda Center, Kitzbühel Austria

Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training, Sivananda Center, Kitzbühel Austria

Simon Park, liquid flow yoga

Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti

Yogeshwari, Jivamukti

Bryan Kest, Power Yoga

Joan Hyman, Inversions

Chad Hamrin, Inversions

Tiffany Cruishank, Yoga medicine

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