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Pranayama - yogic breathing

Pranayama practices are exercises to control your breathing in different ways to have an impact on your nervous system, your energy, life force - prana.

Some like to say: control your breath, control your life.


Breathing affects our mental-emotional state and the other way round.

Learn to understand and use the tools to balance and calm, as well as spike your energy, through simple breathing exercises. Regular practice of the learned tools will allow you to integrate simple practices in challenging situations or whenever needed.


Learning and integrating daily breathing practices has an incredible effect on many different challenges life brings. No mattter if you start with yogic breathing, have heard of it, possibly tried one or the other thing in a yoga class, I recommend to start with a pack of 4 sessions of 45 min, to learn and understand the basics of yogic breathing, the 3 different categories of breathing practices and how to start a daily practice.


Yogic breathing can be integrated and is most likely also part of any personalised session you book, and can also take place online.

If you are already familiar with the basics and like to deepen your knowledge or work on a specific area to focus on, a one-off session online or in person could be useful. 


"I was able to experience the power of my breath in the online yogic breathing session. From the beginning I felt safe and held with her.  It was so much pleasure to be guided and to surrender completely into my breath. Deep relaxant. Connective. Yogic breathing with Dominika: highly recommended!"
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